There was 1,286,130 falls, equivalent to 110,125,019.3m fallen or 615,308 floors... imagine if it was the other way around: DD2 would have been finished 36,194.6 times!


This one is gonna be a bit more straight forward: there was 18,984,675 jumps... yeah that's it lmao. I don't know what to add. Oh wait! Collectively, the players ran 1,898,467.5 100-meter hurdles (you can check on wikipedia it's 10 hurdles for 100m)


In total, there was 8,079,623 resets, that means 8,079,623 attempt to climp this tower... yes 8,079,623 you heard me right... well you read me right


Some statistics about the event itself! There's 25,084 registred by the plug-in. And right now, there is 7 players climbing Deep Dip 2, 42 players on Deep Dip 2: Shallow Dips and 709 players connected to the plug-in, as you're reading this!
I'm at the end of the datas provided by XertroV through his beautiful API, go thank him, he deserves the world for his work!